Welcome to the Online Casino Dealer Casino Affiliate Program. Ever dreamed of owning a casino? Now's your chance. By joining our affiliate program you have the unique opportunity of becoming a revenue partner with the most unique and trusted casino in the world, the only casino where the player can also play as Dealer. This unique feature raises Online Casino Dealer Casino above the competition and gives you the ability to promote the casino more effectively.

Joining the affiliate program is simple and free and you can start earning percentage of the net revenue immediately. Direct players from your site to Online Casino Dealer Casino and receive your affiliate fee.

Our affiliate program pays you 35-45% for sending us players from your website. Simply sign up and add the Online Casino Dealer Casino logo, banner or text link to your site. You also have the option of placing a small Smartdownloader file (approx. 100kb) on your site with your affiliation ID burned into the software.

Why join our affiliate program:

  • You own a casino with no investment.
  • You are promoting a unique product, unlike anything seen before.
  • Make money simply by directing players to Online Casino Dealer Casino.
  • Online Casino Dealer offers accurate real-time web reporting that lets you know exactly how much you've earned so far.
  • Your earnings are sent directly to you.
  • Quick and simple setup so that you're up and running in a few minutes.
  • Attractive banners you can use to promote Online Casino Dealer Casino.
  • Affiliate Program Sign-Up
  • To sign up for our Affiliate Programs, simply complete the following information:

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Submissions might not be accepted if :
1) You are already affiliated with another casino powered by BeTheDealer.
2) No URL is specified.
3) Site is not accessible during review.
4) Site hosted on free web-hosting server.
5) Site has little or no content.
6) Site is packed with banners ("banner farm").
7) Site contains aggressive, offensive, illegal or inappropriate content.

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Once your affiliation request has been approved, you will be assigned an Affiliate ID number, which you must use in order to select banners or text links you wish to use.




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